Your letter filled the hole in my day like a key.

Emma Bowlcut

„One of my goals is not to ask questions as that implies that this has all happened before and I am merely asking you to tell me how things went. Which isn’t to say I don’t believe in destiny.“

„What happened to your heartbeat. Tell me soon as it’s not a good place to have a question mark.“

„I don’t want to destroy anything. But I want to know what I can destroy. I am possessed by the conviction that I need you like blood needs a vein to get from one place to another.“

„I stood without intention of moving and realized we see every punch coming in a boxing movie but in real life we miss a lot of them.“

„One of my favorite things of all time is when an animal keeps company with different species. It’s often a duck. Maybe you should get a duck for that library you work in. No one would complain. Ducks belong in libraries.“

„And i hope each morning you wake like a bird in a nest and fly without a thought.“

„We are always making choices and then we go to sleep. At separate times.“

„I learned that you can get bruises without external contact. Struck by something to get out from within.“

„You are the reason I get out of bed. To tell you that I have gotten out of bed. Yours are the only questions I want to answer. I live to pocket all your questions marks, as many as I can, in your life. To discard them secretly when you’re not looking.“

„How come naps are so much sweeter than regular sleep. Because it’s the type that you can’t resist, it just takes you.“

„Everything I have done today could have been done by a bear. The long seasoned sleep. The lumbering out of bed. Tearing a hard roll dipped into honey. And then sprawling lazily in the grass where the sun hit. I was going to take a bath but decided that would have been too much bear activity, so I showered.“

„There is a reason ice is slippery. Did anyone laught at you. I have an inhability to help anyone who has fallen. To witness injects me with a paralytic joy. If someone falls in front of me, you’ve never seen such a smile in your life. I’m tickled by the chance that they are learning something.“

(„Letters to Emma Bowlcut“ was written by Bill Callahan and published by Drag City in 2010)